Tesserae Bureau is a boutique law firm that breaks traditional market paradigms, by providing custom-made legal services to fit customer needs through assessment, and continuous advise in areas created strategically to ensure greater efficiency and scope in Ecuadorian and international markets.

The firm is particularly attractive to those who wish to invest in Ecuador, considering that “we know the world on the other side of the table”. Tesserae Bureau’s goal is to comply with the requirements of public and private entities, due to our extensive experience on both fronts.

We provide professional services in six different legal areas strategically organized to achieve the perfect synergy, and provide effective responses to meet our customers’ needs. We provide assessment on investments, corporate law and M&A, environmental law, energy law, litigation and alternative dispute resolution, and due diligence processes.

Our legal assessment focuses on the provision of conflict prevention services, therefore; Due Diligence processes are particularly important to our firm, describing it, as an effective means to provide to our clients a complete scenario of risks and benefits prior to an investment or project.

Tesserae Bureau counts with specialists in each of the legal areas described above. In case of existing disputes, we are willing to represent our clients in local and international conflicts. Depending on the complexity or nature of the case, working teams are created in order to respond efficiently to every requirement. This constitutes an added value in relation to other Ecuadorian firms, since our main goal is to minimize potential costs to our clients.

Tesserae is not limited by geographical boundaries, since our services are adaptable to our clients’ needs in order to provide sophisticated and custom-made services without incurring on additional expenses.

We are headquartered in Quito, Ecuador, and we have offices in Bogota, Colombia.

Our strategic alliances are professional and specialized law offices, which allows Tesserae to provide services in other cities in the country and abroad. From Colombia´s office we manage operations in Bolivia and Peru.

Practice Areas

Investment Consulting

Litigation and alternative dispute resolution

Corporate – M&A

Environment and Community


Due diligence

“All glory comes from daring to begin” Eugene Ware.