Committed to law

Our firm applies “meritocracy” in hiring legal and financial advisors, in order to have the top professionals in the market. We do not follow conservative guidelines applied by traditional law firms.

Academically, we meet the highest standards of both domestic and foreign education training. As for experience, our team was part of national and international prestigious firms, state institutions, NGOs, and local and foreign organizations.

Tesserae is the most professional, appropriate and efficient option to fully assist legal issues, breaking barriers both in law and communication in order to protect our clients’ expectations, projects and investments.

Female Lawyer or notary in her office

International Partnerships

Tesserae Bureau holds strategic alliances and partnerships in different countries, where we count on highly qualified professionals committed to our philosophy, ensuring high reciprocity standards in their daily efforts.

We currently have partnerships in the following cities: Lima, London, Mexico D.F, Miami, Paris, Panama and Washington D.C.

Additionally, on our side with the best Partner, Excom Solutions, we reinforce our service portfolio, to offer specialized consultancy international business, foreign trade, seeking and identification of investment opportunities and international promotion. They are specialist in International Business.

Excom Solutions is located at China, Germany and Spain.