• Analysis of Bilateral Investment Treaties and Free Trade Agreements.
  • Analysis of rules of Latin American investee countries.
  • Analysis of regulations in countries where investing companies are based.
  • Analysis of investment agreements.
  • Representation and advise to clients in the negotiation and signing of contracts.
  • Drafting and analysis of public, private, national and international contracts.
  • Reviewing and monitoring contracts.
  • Analysis of law rules applicable to contracts.
  • Consulting to regulatory entities.
  • Counseling with emphasis on Comparative Law of the regulatory framework applicable to the energy sector.
  • Development of International projects with particular focus on Latin America.
  • Preparation of exclusive agreements on the identification of markets.
  • Research of investment destinations and project feasibility analysis.
  • Legal assessment to the investor before, during and after the execution of their projects at the investment destination (Ecuador and Colombia)


  • Prevention and conflict resolution.
  • Legal representation in court and administrative proceedings.
  • Representation in national arbitration processes.
  • Representation in international trade and investment arbitration.
  • Representation in mediation or negotiation.
  • Correspondence for constitutional, arbitration and administrative processes in Quito and Bogota.


  • Analysis and development of simple and complex corporate structures.
  • Company Constitutions.
  • Bylaw amendments and membership dissolution.
  • Capital increase (companies and branch)
  • Disolutions, Cancellations and Liquidations of companies.
  • Domiciliation of foreign branches and Cancellation of Branch Operations Permits.
  • Register of Foreign Credits with Control Authority.
  • Mergers, acquisitions and spin-offs. Review of corporate books.
  • Advisory Body before regulatory entities.
  • Consulting on corporate, labor and tax law issue.


  • ELegal support and accompaniment for requesting licensees according to the Ecuadorian Law (Three different types).
  • Legal representation, assistance and sponsorship before regulatory bodies in the country.
  • Administrative review processes before the regulatory entity.
  • Analysis of sectoral regulations.
  • Drafting of adhesion contracts required by the regulatory entity and its authorization.
  • Assistance in public consultations on the issuance of any new sector regulation.


  • Legal support for the analysis of reservoirs and wells.
  • Assistance in obtaining permits and concessions, and filling applications before technical authorities.
  • Negotiation of oil contracts and mining exploitation contracts.
  • Legal representation, assistance and sponsorship before regulatory bodies in the country.
  • Drafting and analysis of contracts of Joint Ventures, Joint Operation Agreements (JOA), Farmout Agreements and Consortia.
  • PDrafting Letters of Intent and Confidentiality Agreements related to energy projects.
  • Analysis of sectoral regulations.
  • Legal analysis of social and environmental aspects of projects.
  • Accompaniment for the management of social conflicts in areas of influence of energy projects.
  • Drafting and implementation of sustainable development strategies.
  • Community relations (human rights and business reputation).
  • Legal accompaniment during the time of the project.
  • Legal assistance for the closure of the contract and project operation.



  • Research of the business sector under study.
  • Inquiries before public and private entities.
  • Detailed analysis of datarooms.
  • Research and analysis of state regulations related to business sectors, subject of Due Diligence.
  • Analysis of contracts, operating permits, enabling titles, environmental licensing, etc.
  • Reporting on legal diagnosis.
  • Issuing reports in Spanish and English

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